Many people who are looking to enter the labor market of Canada would need a work permit. By applying for the work permit of Canada, you can join over 1,80,000 overseas employees who visit to do work in Canada.

Applying for a Canada work permit

To get a Canada work permit, you need to follow the process of two steps. In many cases, the applicant would initially need an employment offer prior they could apply for Canada work permit.

Step 1

In most of the cases, the initial step towards getting a Canada work permit is to apply for LMIA, which is known as labor market impact assessment from the job and social development Canada. Normally, the employer in Canada should undertake domestic hiring efforts and show that no permanent resident of Canada or its citizens are available for doing this job.

Step 2

After positive LMIA is granted, the applicant could apply for Canada work permit on that basis.

Job permits are usually employer specific unless an employee has an open job permit. if an employee wishes to change the employers, then they should get a new job permit prior doing another job in the country. Work permit of Canada is also restricted in the duration.

Duration of work permit

Entire work permit of Canada has got an expiry date. The only route to doing the job in Canada permanently or for a lengthy duration is to get the status of permanent resident.

The government of Canada has put restrictions on the duration of Canada work permits along with the duration of time that non-Canadians could do the job in Canada. The number of months a person might do the job in Canada is 48 months or four years.

Open work permit in Canada

Open work permit differs from a normal work permit as It has not mentioned a particular job or employer. Normally a job and employer are both mentioned on work permit of Canada. An open work permit of Canada let its holders do the job for any employer in Canada. Open work permit of Canada does not need the applicant to have got the job offer or a positive LMIA.

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