Every year more than 2,00,000 foreign job seekers are permitted to enter Canada as permanent residents. Once the candidate is approved of permanent residency in Canada, then he/she can receive a permanent resident card. After receiving the permanent resident card, the candidates get all the rights as citizens of Canada.

As there are various initiatives and modifications in policy taking place, the processing for permanent residency is bit complex and time-consuming.

To obtain a permanent residency in Canada, the candidates need to apply under one of the six categories listed below:

Skilled Worker Class Immigration: Any individual can apply for permanent residency under the skilled worker class. Applicants are evaluated on various aspects like age, education, work experience, language ability, arranged employment and level of adaptability. Based on the factor a score between 0 to 100 would be awarded. Candidate scoring above 67 would be eligible for permanent residency. Candidates in this category should not have any criminal records.

Business Class Immigration: Self-employed, investors and entrepreneurs are the various categories in business class immigration that qualify for permanent residency.

Provincial Nomination: In this process, the province is allowed to nominate candidates, that they wish to include in the selection for immigration. In this process, the candidate is required to research about such province and contact the representative of immigration office within the province and apply for nomination to that province. After the successful nomination, the candidate needs to apply to the ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’.

Family Class Immigration: under this immigration, permanently settled individuals can sponsor their family members for a period of 3 to 10 years in order to help their family member to settle in this country. As per the reports, 30% candidates that come to Canada are sponsored by the family member.

Quebec-Selected Immigration: There is a special provision for the province of Quebec with the federal government of Canada to select the immigrants. The evaluation process includes the following category :

  • Permanent workers
  • Business People
  • Students – permanent immigration
  • Temporary workers – permanent immigration
  • Families
  • Sponsored refugees

International Adoption: The permanent residents of Canada are allowed to adopt children from foreign countries. The process is a bit complex and time-consuming. Adopting a child from another country includes certain legal issues. The individual adopting the child should sponsor that child for a longer extended period and should be committed to raising him/her.

Procedures to follow for getting Permanent residency

In order to start the procedure for getting Canada’s permanent residency one needs to contact the embassy of Canada, consulate or a high commission. For the initialization of the process the basic documents required are:

  • Criminal record check
  • medical certificate
  • Submit visa application
  • Payment of the fees
  • attending interviews with immigration representatives

These are the basic factors a candidate should be aware of while applying for permanent residency.