Denmark is the most active member of the European Unions. This country is trying to employ abroad experts from non-EU countries. According to the immigration policy of Demark, they chase a plan to in order to capture the concentration of the abroad skillful workers, this is known as the Denmark Green Card visa.

How to Apply and Qualify for Denmark PR?

The candidates those who want to apply for a Denmark PR permit they need to obtain a temporary residence permit for at least of 4 years. This Denmark PR permits the holder to exist in forever in this region.

There are some decisive factors that are essential to be satisfied by the applicants to be qualified for this PR permit. In order to meet the criteria, they need to achieve at least 100 points. These points are rewarded for satisfying specific points.

  • Need to be the occupant of Denmark formally for a minimum of 4 years
  • No crime record on the candidate
  • Should not have any due of public liabilities.
  • Have proposed and affirmed the statement on integration on energetic citizenship in Danish society
  • Need to score the pass mark in the Denmark language examinations
  • Before applying the applicant need to have a work experience for a minimum of 2 and a half years of the last 3 years in Denmark
  • Need to be employed at the time of submitting an application for the Denmark PR
  • The candidate needs to complete an academic program at any educational institute in Denmark such as business academy qualification or any bachelor’s degree.
  • The applicants need to productively pass the exam of level 3

Therefore, it is essential for an applicant to meet the above-mentioned reason to put on 100 points for a Denmark PR permit. If the applicant is not capable of meeting these points they can apply for an extension to the temporary residence permit.

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