Setting up a business in a foreign country can be quite a challenging task for many people. For one to succeed, proper documentation has to be presented as the first step to succeeding in traveling to the country. Non-European member nationals are required to have French business visa before setting up a business. Being the largest country in Western Europe, France also doubles up as the fifth economic power in the world. This has led to France playing very critical aspects in Europe and other markets around the world. As a result of sharing borderlines with a number of other countries, France offers a natural crossroad for trade in both Europe and internationally all around the globe. The factors which make France very prospective for foreign investments include well-developed transport and communication lines and a large population that provides a ready market as well as labor to the industries.

Consequently, France boasts Western Europe’s second largest population. Approximately 64 million people live and work in France. Because of the many access routes and external links, the French market offers a whole array of both of services and products to its citizens. France as a market for goods and services offers open competition and provides numerous opportunities to the international firms looking to explore new possibilities. Research shows that the country has the third highest rate of productivity per worker which is 20% more than the rest of the European nations. Education is France is crucial in providing a workforce that is competent for the industries present. This is evident in with the presence of 200,000 international students who selected the country for the international exchange program in 2009.

Apart from that, France possesses one of the world’s most effective transport networks. For example, the complex train systems offer an efficient mode of the carriage in France. This allows for Smooth, uninterrupted movement of people within France and connects them to many European capitals. The business people who desire to tap into the French market will require the French business visa before setting up for trade. The road networks provide an easy option for transporting products in and around France. The presence of waterways also makes it a viable option for transporting products mainly due to the many canals and commercial canal boats. Domestic and international travels are accessible due to the more than 500 airports operating in France.

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