The F1 type Visa is a unique type of visa in the United States that allows international students to study in the country.  Any applicant wishing to study in the united states has to have the drive, intention to learn and the proper documents required by the immigration department.  An applicant has to prove beyond doubt that they have a healthy relationship with their home country as well as their voluntary willingness to go back to their home country once the study period is completed. Besides, qualifying for a USA full-time studies visa requires eligibility in particular quarters by the applicants. For instance, a student wishing to apply for a non-immigrant visa he/she must have adequate funds that will enable him/her complete the study, desist from looking for employment in the country and lack of a previous criminal record. The individuals who can apply for the USA full-time studies visa are those students whose programs have been approved by an accredited institution and those who have been accepted.

Types of US student visas

There are two types of US student visas accessible to those wishing to pursue their studies in the US. One such visa is the F1 which is for students who want to undertake their education in qualified colleges or universities. The other type is known as the M1 which is intended for those who will be involved in non-academic or professional training at organizations all over America. For the dependents of an F1 visa, spouses, and/or children below twenty-one years of age who wish to link with the principal visa holder in the United States during his/her stay will need the derivative F or M visas. The spouses and dependents are nevertheless not allowed to work as they will need the appropriate work visa.

The Student and Exchange Visitor program which requires schools and colleges to confirm the admission status of new and continuing international students provides the government organizations with information about the record of international students. This helps the Department of Homeland Security in monitoring the school and exchange programs. The SEV program stores and uses this information in ensuring that only genuine international students or visitors in exchange programs have access to the United States of America. This information can then be used by government organs such as the customs and border protection as well as the immigration services.

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