The US DHS has published a concluding regulating letting F-1 students who got STEM degrees to apply for a two-year extension of their post-OPT program.

The latest two-year STEM-related OPT program has replaced the 17-month extension earlier accessible to students and imposes important amendments on employers, students on F-1 visa and officials from designated schools.

It does not impact the existing OPT one year programs. Entitle students could start to apply for two-years STEM-related OPT extension on 10th May. ,

Latest Program Benefits and Eligibility

To be entitled to the last two year OPT program, the graduate should meet following criteria:

The graduate should have issued OPT and presently be in a valid period of OPT. The graduate should have got a degree from a university which is accredited by the US DOE, which is the US accrediting agency, and which is also certified by SEVP when the application is presented.The list of degrees that would be effective from 10th May could be searched at the website of US ICE.

The graduate should work for an employer who meets entire criteria under STEM-related OPT employer responsibilities.

The graduate should submit Form I -765, Application for job authorization for three months prior present OPT job authorization expires, and within two months of the date, the DSO of the student enter the suggestion for OPT program in student record of SEVIS.

Applying for STEM OPT program extension

For applying to two-year STEM-related OPT program extension, the student on F-1 visa waits for filing their form I-765 with the fee of application till or after 10th May. The I-20 form for students, an eligibility certificate for the status of nonimmigrant should be endorsed by DSO of students on F-1 visa on or after 10th May 2016, and a copy of STEM-related degree should be provided.